Design and engineering

Comprehensive project management

Inasor has a reputed Engineering department capable of offering the best technical solutions to our customers’ needs, however complex they may seem.

The team is made up of a distinguished group of engineers qualified in different disciplines (industrial engineers, technical industrial engineers, aeronautical engineers, mechanical engineers, technical industrial design engineers, etc.). Our experts are highly qualified, with extensive experience and training in the design of aeronautical tools, special machines, industrial equipment, scaffolds and platforms, diverse mechanisms, effort calculation and stress analysis, hydraulic and pneumatic devices, electromechanical devices, PLC-controlled automated devices, etc.

The Engineering department works hand-in-hand with customers to understand their needs and offer the necessary solutions that best satisfy their requests and requirements. Our company’s main aim is for our customers to feel as though INASOR’s Engineering department were their own, with complete involvement in the timely resolution of problems and a commitment to the project’s end result.

Our engineers carry out comprehensive project management, supervising every project phase and offering the necessary solutions for each:

  • Identifying needs and producing conceptual designs until a solution is reached which fully satisfies the customer.
  • Calculation, simulation and detailed engineering.
  • Monitoring of manufacture and assembly.
  • Support during the equipment’s entry into service at the customer’s facilities.
  • Post-purchase support service.

Concurrent engineering

Our working methodology is based on concurrent engineering, centred around the convergence of different areas involved in a project (design, manufacture, assembly and quality), which significantly reduces the likelihood of setbacks during project execution, final product cost and total cycle time.